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Clinical support area
  • Assessment and management of alcohol use disorders

    1 hour

    Brain and mental health

    The purpose of this activity is to review the epidemiology of alcohol use disorders, describe the definition of alcohol use disorders, discuss the identification of alcohol use disorders, and review the role of medically assisted withdrawal, mutual aid fa

  • Assessment and management of vulval pain

    1 hour

    Women's and Sexual HealthCancer, Palliative Care, Pain and Older People

    The purpose of this activity is to review the classification and consequences of, risk factors for, and care of women with vulval pain.

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a guide to management in adults and children: putting NICE guidelines into practice

    1 hour

    Brain and mental healthPaediatrics

    Through interactive case histories, learn the clinical features of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adults, learn patient management before and after ADHD diagnosis, and learn about drug treatments for ADHD.

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: diagnosis and treatment in children and young adults

    1 hour


    This module will help you to understand DSM-IV and ICD-10 criteria for diagnosing ADHD and know the side effects of drug treatments.

  • Audit: How to do it in practice

    1 hour

    Laboratory investigations and Infections

    Be aware of the importance of audit as part of clinical governance, and the difference between research and audit.

  • Back examination

    1 hour

    Dermatology, MSK and Rheumatology

    Learn what to look for when examining a patient’s back and how to assess mobility, plus how to test for neurological symptoms in this interactive case-based module.

  • Bacterial vaginosis: diagnosis and management

    1 hour

    Women's and Sexual HealthLaboratory investigations and Infections

    A guide to bacterial vaginosis, including the main risk factors, how to diagnose it, complications and how to manage patients.

  • Bariatric surgery: a best practice article

    1 hour

    GastroenterologyLaboratory investigations and Infections

    This is a series of multiple choice questions to accompany the article Bariatric surgery: a best practice article" from the Journal of Clinical Pathology "

  • Bed bug infestation

    1 hour

    Dermatology, MSK and RheumatologyLaboratory investigations and Infections

    The purpose of this activity is to review the characteristics and life cycle of bed bugs (where they are found and how they are transmitted), the clinical manifestations of bed bug infestations, and how to manage infestations

  • Bell's palsy: diagnosis and treatment in primary care

    1 hour

    Brain and mental health

    A guide to distinguishing Bell’s palsy from other causes of facial nerve palsy, when to refer, and the latest evidence on best treatment in primary care

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