BMJ e-Learning modules 

  • ( found under top tabs-useful websites  / Education and Events on the Top /OR under Clinical support by Area blue box grid -  useful websites/e learning )
  • These have become one of the most accessed  resource on the  BEST website , with 3-4000 visits/ month, hence the CCG have extended subscription with the BMJ for another year .
  • If you have not used this resource before, you will need to register with your email address , create a password; after which you are able to access the modules from the BEST website page . ( link to handout :BMJ e-learning modules  for further explanation about access to modules)

  • If you are not a member of the BMA, you are still able to use these modules. Under "My Account" select "Use Access Code". The Barnsley CCG Access Code is "5927511916" 

  • Video below shows how to access the BMJ e learning modules .

     Just click ESC to return to this page at the end of this video.

     Click on the 4small arrows at the bottom left hand corner to expand the video to full screen view. 

  • On the page where the e-learning module is listed, there is an option at the bottom of the page to enter the reflection and learning as a CPD entry, which can later be saved and be used for Appraisal purposes.

  • You do not need to sign in to the BEST website to use the BMJ modules. However you will need to register and sign in if you wish to use the CPD section of the BEST website to store your own CPD documents, for access when you are consulting or for your Appraisal. This will be covered at ta later date. (see link to handout below for further explanation about access to modules)

  • There will be an indication with regards to length of time of the module. After completing the module, there are a set of MCQs that need to be completed, which can then be printed off . 

  • All the 700+ e- learning modules have been hand picked out of a 7000+ list that can be found on the BMJ site . I have chosen the ones that help us work as better GPs in a surgery setting , as well as some which go into patho-physiology to remind us how exciting our preclinical/ clinical study days were; and to make us think deeply again.

  • The learning modules have been categorised by clinical systems . If you tick the Clinical area box on the left hand side , then that will pick out the modules related to that clinical system.

  • There is a subtopic " General". it's under here that you will find topics related to communication skills, audit, appraisal, significant events, safe guarding etc.


    The modules are delivered in different ways eg. documents, MCQs, podcasts, picture tests  :


  • They will cover topics that are:
  • basic eg Double vision , Measles, Subclinical hypothyroidism, Anal itching .... in fact, the majority of the 700 modules belong to this category  
  • or more stimulating eg "The molecular basis of Haemostasis / Genomics " ...
  • Leadership skills
  • Audits 
  • Appraisal hints
  • How to become a successful locum
  • Safe guarding
  • Mental capacity assessment
  • Motivational interviewing in General Practice

    Example of an e learning module: ( click on the title link  below to access the module- remember to follow instructions at the top of the  page if you have not accessed these modules  before, and need to register or use the Barsnley CCG Access code )

  • Steroid modified Tinea
    Tinea is a superficial fungal infection caused by dermatophytes. However, creams containing steroids, and antifungal and antibacterial agents, which are used extensively in developing countries, may confuse the picture. Learn how to assess manage and advice

    The above list is just to give you a taster.

  • I go through checking links and looking for most updated modules every 6 months only. If in the meantime you come across broken links , then do let me know, so I can fix the problem at the next "repair" session.

Week 2  will be posted above "Week 1" entry and not below so the latest update will always appear at the top of the  page !

Below is a link to a handout that was given out a BEST meeting explaining the  technicalities of using the  BEST website BMJ e-learning modules .

BMJ e-learning modules - handout

Email me on if you have any questions, problems or better still any suggestions :)