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 Video to show Contact Numbers and how to use the Services Information

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Here, are the majority of telephone numbers that I use frequently when consulting. Colleagues have given feedback that they find this top tab extremely useful.

Telephone numbers are grouped into clinical categories.

Some additional telephone numbers that have been added include:-

    • BREATHE service
    • British Pregnancy Advisory Service
    • Continence service
    • Diabetes SPA Single Point of Access
    • DISC (alcohol / substance misuse)
    • SPA - Mental Health Adults/ Children
    • TADS (Therapy for Anxiety Depression and Stress in children- very useful and service now based at Queens Rd )
    • The Coroner’s Officer/ Public Health and IT help desk numbers are also on this top tab.
  • I would like to bring your attention to 5  important points on the page :-
  1. all contact numbersThe Contact Directory – right at the top all contact numberswill take you to the A to Z directory of all the services in Barnsley; hospital, Community, SWYFT, Social Services and Public Health and Voluntary Services
    The Secretarial and Admin Staff may also find this section very useful.
    These can be searched Alphabetically OR via Specific Speciality by ticking the corresponding box in the left .eg Care of the Elderly will bring up BIDAS,AGE UK as well all the mental health and medical services specific for the elderly, including community physio, community dentistry etc.
    You will be surprised what services are out there that we do not know too much about.

2. The Care Navigation- First Port of Call link – will be discussed next week.

3. Adult safe Guarding and Children’s Safe Guarding pages will take you to ALL the relevant content we need, including flow charts and forms to fill in if necessary. The National requirement is that this Safeguarding content can be accessed in 2 clicks on a website and hence it is structured as such.

4. Mental Health Referral
This takes you to the Mental Health Referral flow chart as to what should and should not be referred to SPA; if not what other alternatives there are, including the community voluntary services; whose telephone numbers are on page 2 of the Referral guidelines.

5. Rheumatology telephone numbers
Although these numbers are in the Shared care Rheumatology guidelines if ever there are queries associated with DMARDS in rheumatology patients; however with the introduction of Advice and Guidance, I am not sure if this still applies and I have not tested it yet. If anyone else knows then let me know.