The Care Navigation- First Port of Call

The Care Navigation- first port of call link – in the self-referral section will take you to a whole new page.

This is was intended for use by Reception staff, to help redirect patients to other self-referral services eg pharmacies for minor ailments, opticians for hearing tests, MHAT etc.

It is still in its first phase and I will populate it further in the future.

You may wish to go through this page with staff to see what may be useful to decrease GP appointments and let me know which other services we can add to this list.

This page can be reached from other sections of the website, including the Practice information section at the bottom of the HOME page.

Video to show how to find and use Care Navigation-First Port of Call


Click on the 4small arrows at the bottom left hand corner to expand the video to full screen view 
Just click ESC to return to this page at the end of this video.

Email me on if you have any questions, problems or better still any suggestions :)

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