BEST December 2014: Abnormal Liver Function Tests, Anaemia

  • Abnormal Liver Function Tests
  • Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Guest speakers:

  • Dr Kapur,
  • Mr.Shiwani,
  • Dr.Straffen
Date: 10th December 2014
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The afternoon talks by the three speakers covered the interpretation of various patterns of abnormal Liver Function Tests and Full blood Counts; including the need for further investigations and appropriate Referrals into Secondary care.


  • Abnormal Liver Function Tests- Dr.Kapur, Dr.Straffen

    Dr Kapur, Consultant Physician

    Dr.Kapur and Dr.Straffen doe a joint presentation looking at the Aeitiology of various different patterns of abnormal LFT, using case scenarios.  They discuss which investigations are appropriate and when referral should be considered . Dr.Kapur has produced an Abnormal LFT pathway which uses a FIB Score or Fibrosis score , for which there is a link , and is worked out on line. The fib Score aids in the decision of whether or not to refer a patient to secondary care.

  • Iron deficiency Anaemia- Mr.Shiwani,Dr.Kapur,Dr.Straffen

    Mr.Shiwani, Consultant Surgeon

    Mr.Shiwani,Dr.Straffen and Dr.Kapur do a trio presentation to help clarify the detection, the investigations and the treatment necessary for this condition that we encounter on a daily basis. A useful Iron Deficiency Anaemia pathway is covered in the talk and the supporting documents attached below. The importance of testing for coeliac was mentioned as well as the consideration of patients for Iron transfusions in those intolerant of oral Iron.

    Also see updated iron deficiency services -  capsule endoscopy talk on Dec 2015

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