Coroner - Barnsley service

Barnsley Area Coroner’s Officer, South Yorkshire (West), Medico-Legal Centre, Watery Street, Sheffield, S3 7ES 

Tel 0114 2734004 or 0114 2734005  


A blank referral form together with one with guidance notes is included below. Forms can be emailed to if telephone contact cannot be made.

Blank Form

Example Form with guidance 



Accessing the service

  • Tel: 0114 2734004
  • Clinical support group
    Cancer, Palliative Care, Pain and Older People
  • Clinical support area
  • Service type
  • Condition or indicators
  • Provider
  • Fax number
  • Email address
  • Website
  • Clinical support by body system
  • Bypass detail page
  • Bypass detail page and

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