Diabetes Guidelines

Below are the headings for each of the sections within the guidelines, each heading will take you to the relevant section of the guidelines. 

These guidelines have been developed to support the delivery of high quality care for people with diabetes in Barnsley. 

Diagnosing Diabetes ( random glc / hbA1c / children / c-peptide)

Diabetes Initial Treatment & Management (Type 1 - Type 2 education - lifestyle - XPERT - DAFNE -DVLA)

Diabetes Self-blood glucose monitoring ( who / frequency /choice of strips and meters)

Diabetes and sick day rules / hyperglycaemia / hypoglycaemina

Diabetes special Groups of patients (children, gestational diabetes and end of Life care) 

Diabetes Services (Specialist Nurses, DAFNE XPERT STOPGAP, Eye screening, smoking cessation, weigh management  dietitians) 

Diabetes Complications ( retinopathy, foot complications, male hypogonadism, lipid management )

Diabetes Medications (oral hypoglycaemics -  Injectables / insulin)

Please remember: Guidelines provide guidance

Good clinical practice always involves weighing the advantages and disadvantages of a clinical intervention depending on individual circumstances.