COPD Local Guidelines

Patient Information

British Lung Foundation - living with COPD 

In this booklet, you can find out about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. There’s information about what it is, what the symptoms are, and how it’s diagnosed and treated

Barnsley services for people with COPD

Information about some of the key services in Barnsley for people with COPD and their families and carers may find helpful.  

Barnsley specialist services for people with COPD

Information about the some of the specialist services available in Barnsley 

How can I help myself

COPD self management plan 

Option1 - Amoxicillin rescue pack patient leaflet 

Option2 - Doxycycline rescue pack patient leaflet 

Option 3 - Clarithromycin rescue pack patient leaflet 

Guidance for prescribers

Rescue pack guidance for prescribers


Information and quick view of referral criteria, referral pathways and treatments pathways for the service




  • Clinical Support Group
    Respiratory and Smoking
  • Clinical support by body system
  • Conditions and indicators
  • Bypass detail page
  • Bypass detail page and

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