BREATHE service

The Barnsley REspiratory Assessment and THErapy (BREATHE) Service has been commissioned by Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group and is delivered in a joint partnership between Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Barnsley Healthcare Federation.  The BREATHE Service is investing in more respiratory nurses who will rotate working between Barnsley Hospital, in the community and in GP surgeries.

The service aims to improve the patient’s journey, enabling them to receive more treatment in their own home and GP surgery, avoiding hospital visits where possible. Where a hospital visit is necessary the team will work with the patient to get them discharged as soon as possible with the correct follow up care at home.


Information and quick view of referral criteria, referral pathways and treatments pathways for the service

Menu of primary care clinic support

Referral form

Referral poster



  • Clinical support group
    Respiratory and Smoking
  • Clinical support area
  • Service type
  • Condition or indicators
  • Provider
  • Fax number
  • Email address
  • Website
  • Clinical support by body system
  • Bypass detail page
  • Bypass detail page and

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