Adult Speech and Language therapy - SLT service

The adult speech and language therapy (SLT) department is involved in the assessment, diagnosis and management of voice, communication and swallowing difficulties of anyone aged 18 years or over in the Barnsley area.


  • To contribute to a medical diagnosis
  • Improved/optimal functional communication (including voice production)
  • Improved/optimal swallowing function
  • Modified consistencies to support oral feeding
  • Able to eat and drink normally
  • Self management of an illness or disability
  • Improved knowledge of their illness or disorder
  • Recovery of voice
  • Supportive care towards end of life

Accessing the service

Who should be referred

Referral criteria

  • Adults over the age of 18 – if under 18 then no longer in full time education

  • Generally, adults with a learning disability are referred to the specialist learning disability service.

  • People who have recently had speech and language therapy input may not benefit from further input unless their symptoms have significantly changed

  • Urgent referrals are made by telephoning 01226 644296

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