AGE UK service

Age UK Barnsley services for older people are wide ranging and cover the whole of the area of Barnsley.

These include:

Information and advice - They offer information and advice on a wide range of topics affecting older people and their carers and have access to many different information resources.

Men in sheds - The men in sheds project is a place where like minded older men can come together and have a chat over tea and biscuits whilst carrying out meaningful DIY work.

Day care - Age UK Barnsley's Health & Wellbeing Centre provides a friendly and stimulating environment.

Groups, clubs and classes  - Groups or clubs where Age UK offer support, help and advice or just a place where you can be with like minded people or people in similar situations as yourself.

Access Barnsley - Scooter and wheelchair hire to enable people who are restricted by temporary or permanent disability to be able to access the shops and facilities of Barnsley Town Centre. We also have a small range of items available to purchase to help with independence including RADAR Keys.

Call in Time - Call in Time is a free telephone friendship service run by Age UK. Since 2005 the service has matched hundreds of older people with trained and supported volunteers who, together, enjoy a weekly phone chat about anything from the weather to what's been going on in both their lives.

Our volunteers and the people they call often become firm telephone friends in the process. The calls provide valuable on-going weekly telephone contact to develop a trusted, true friendship.



Accessing the service

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