Assistive Technology Team service

The Barnsley AT team works with a wide range of electronic assistive technologies and with a wide range of individuals with severe disabilities. We work with local teams and professionals to provide the following:

  • Access

Access methods are the ways in which people control equipment. Access to electronic assistive technology is key and a method of access needs to be established for each person and for each device. Access methods can be very specific if the person has very limited mobility or complex difficulties. Access methods can include customised or specialist switches, joysticks, mice or keyboards and can vary from a single switch controlled by a blink to cursor movement using an eye gaze system.

EC systems give people control of their home environment – enabling independence and peace of mind. EC systems can aid people who have problems accessing things like computers, TVs, phones, doors and in calling for attention.

AAC aims to assist people who have difficulty speaking to communicate effectively. AAC supports or replaces spoken communication. AAC includes Voice Output Communication Aids which are electronic devices that produce a computer generated voice based on what the user enters. Stephen Hawking is a famous example of someone who uses a communication aid

Accessing the service

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