Barnsley Cancer After Care service

Barnsley Cancer Aftercare was established over 25 years ago. Our aim was to provide support to anyone living in Barnsley suffering from the burden of cancer, giving a caring and sharing service, not only to the patient but to their families and carers

We recognised there was a great need for complementary therapy service for cancer patients in Barnsley and our goal has been to raise funds to provide at least part of this valuable service. We have succeeded in funding a therapist once a month at our Tuesday meeting

We as a group,have gained friendship and confidence from each other to face life through the cancer journey with both treatment and aftercare

We offer Practical Help & Emotional Support

The aims and objectives of Barnsley Cancer Aftercare

  • To promote the health of those persons in Barnsley, who have undergone surgical or other treatment for cancer.
  • To liaise with other persons to provide information and assistance to help achieve our objectives.
  • To invite speakers on a regular basis to give talks on various subjects
  • To offer confidential support and advice

Professional advice from Barnsley Hospital Cancer Care Specialist is available and can be arranged at the meetings

Like all local charities,Barnsley Cancer Aftercare relies on donations from local organisations and people in order to continue our support to Barnsley cancer patients

If you are interested in donating to our charity or would be willing to hold a fund raising event for us, then please contact:

Josie Wilcoks  01226219388 or Lorain Kelly 0122629484

Accessing the service

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Loraine Kelly


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    Cancer, Palliative Care, Pain and Older People
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    • Carers
    • Cancer
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