Appraisal Documents page 

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  • On this page you will find a blank copy of the MAG form and guidance from the GMC and BMJ learning modules regarding the Appraisal.

  • I have also produced BLANK AND STRUCTURED guided templates for the individual components required for our Appraisals.  
  • The WORD documents are editable, however the pdf documents are not. The pdf documents are just there as examples of the type of content Appraisers may be looking for.
  • When clicked, these documents will open up in Microsoft WORD at the bottom of the screen and can then be saved in pdf form on your computer and then attached to the MAG form as usual.

The final WORD Structured documents are just examples that can then be edited and saved as mentioned above

 Regarding storing CPD on the BEST website itself, although this feature is working, enabling me to refer to content from my appraisals while seeing patients; however, there is a glitch with the timer recording the CPD and load time of the documents is rather slow, once too many CPD documents have been uploaded. I  will endeavour to get this sorted by the new year if i can, then make a separate video on how to use this useful feature on the BEST website

Email me on if you have any questions, problems or better still any suggestions :)